C64 power supply replacement

From: Ryan Underwood (nemesis-lists_at_icequake.net)
Date: 2004-01-10 01:34:58


Well, I finally got around to building a S-Video cable for my C64 today.
Fire up the C64, and a blank screen.  Sigh.  Cable must be bad, so check
all connections on cable, nope, cable is good.  Check C64 power supply.
5V -> 5.15V, 9VAC -> 10VAC, seems almost normal, and... whups, wait a
second, now there's nothing on the 9VAC.  Wait a little while, unplug,
plug back in, still no 9VAC.  Looks like it just gave up the ghost.

This is one of the "Pinto" supplies, you know, the ones that were made
to eventually blow up your C64 when they failed, and they were sealed in
lots of epoxy so you couldn't even fix it if you wanted to;  I found
that out the hard way, after spending an hour with screwdriver and
hammer, busting it open in complete confidence that I would be able to
fix whatever was plaguing the 9VAC output.

Hopefully my C64 survived, but now I need a new power supply.  Anyone
have a cheap circuit for one or a link?  (google isn't being helpful


Ryan Underwood, <nemesis@icequake.net>

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