RE: C64 power supply replacement
Date: 2004-01-10 19:19:19

A transformer doesn't have separate taps for 9 V AC *AND* regulated 5 V :o)
And I did put a fuse in the 9 V AC line in the schematic.

Anyway, my schematic was really a quick design, nothing to be proud of, but I am not convinced that it's flawed. And I'm not convinced that the original CBM design wasn't flawed, either.  

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> That schematic leaves out the transformer which has separate taps for 
> 9V AC and the regulated +5 V.  The commodore supplies are vulnerable 
> to blowing fuses in the 9V AC line (even on the C128 where the fuse 
> is replaceable).  I would still recommend a fuse in the 9VAC line in 
> any replacement that you make.
> The Commodore folk claimed that the epoxy "potting" stuff was for 
> conducting heat away.
> --Ray

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