RE: C64 power supply replacement
Date: 2004-01-12 13:35:05

I actually knew that the transformer in the original C-64 PSU has a transformer with two windings, but I am not sure that's really necessary. I think a single winding would be adequate, given enough VA of the transformer. If that's not the case, I'd like to hear why.

In any case, it's really trivial to use two windings instead of one, in the design I presented. It doesn't increase complexity at all. When I get home I'll prepare another schematic, to work with commodore's original transformer.



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> A transformer doesn't have separate taps for 9 V AC *AND* regulated 5 V :o)
> And I did put a fuse in the 9 V AC line in the schematic.

The transformer in the C64 PSU has two independent secondary circuits, 9V AC 
each. One of these circuits is rectified and regulated (5V DC), the other is 
just brought to the C64 (only a fuse is used).

See these schematics:

As you see, the two outputs (5V dc, 9V ac) are fully "independent" in the 
original PSU design. They aren't grounded together in the PSU.



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