Re: C64 power supply replacement

From: Brian Ketterling (
Date: 2004-01-16 02:22:54

>From: Ryan Underwood <>
>I had a design proposed to me by a friend; advantage is that it is
>easily built from Radio Shack parts but I would like some opinion on it.

If you live in the States, a good place to find parts for projects like this 
is in the All Electronics catalog (they're on the Web, too, but I don't 
remember the URL).  They sell all sorts of discontinued/overstock/surplus 
stuff at very good prices, and I've never had a problem with quality.  When 
the brick power supply for my 64 died, I designed a replacement heavy-duty 
linear PS with the All Electronics catalog and the back of an envelope, and 
put together a high-quality power supply for peanuts.

BTW, years ago I came across a really simple, elegant formula for 
calculating what size filter caps you actually need for half- and full-wave 
rectified power supplies.  If anyone is interested, I'll try to look it up.

Also BTW: for a long time, All Electronics stocked new-in-the-box VIC-20 RF 
modulators (NTSC) for one or two dollars apiece... maybe they still have 

-- Brian

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