RE: C64 power supply replacement
Date: 2004-01-10 02:33:13

Hey Ryan,

sorry to hear about your problems with the PSU.
However, could you tell me more about this "Pinto" power supply? How does it blow up your C-64, exactly? And, do you have pictures of this PSU, so I can be sure which exactly you mean?

I think it's simple to reverse engineer the PSU.



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> Hey,
> Well, I finally got around to building a S-Video cable for my 
> C64 today.
> Fire up the C64, and a blank screen.  Sigh.  Cable must be 
> bad, so check
> all connections on cable, nope, cable is good.  Check C64 
> power supply.
> 5V -> 5.15V, 9VAC -> 10VAC, seems almost normal, and... whups, wait a
> second, now there's nothing on the 9VAC.  Wait a little while, unplug,
> plug back in, still no 9VAC.  Looks like it just gave up the ghost.
> This is one of the "Pinto" supplies, you know, the ones that were made
> to eventually blow up your C64 when they failed, and they 
> were sealed in
> lots of epoxy so you couldn't even fix it if you wanted to;  I found
> that out the hard way, after spending an hour with screwdriver and
> hammer, busting it open in complete confidence that I would be able to
> fix whatever was plaguing the 9VAC output.
> Hopefully my C64 survived, but now I need a new power supply.  Anyone
> have a cheap circuit for one or a link?  (google isn't being helpful
> today)
> thanks,
> -- 
> Ryan Underwood, <>

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