RE: C64 power supply replacement
Date: 2004-01-16 00:43:26

This seems almost identical to what I suggested, except it's
somewhat bad. Read my comments below.

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> I had a design proposed to me by a friend; advantage is that it is
> easily built from Radio Shack parts but I would like some 
> opinion on it.
> - Start with 120V / 12.5VAC transformer
Why not 9V AC secundary?
> - Use voltage divider to derive 9VAC from secondary and send that
Do you mean, a two-resistor voltage divider? I hope not.
>   straight to the C64 (it needs no regulation, correct?)
> - perhaps a bridge rectifier on secondary?
> - Send 9VAC through a 7805 regulator set to 5V
> - Filter ripple from 5V with a RC pair
Actually, an RC pair would consume way too much energy. Same as the 
voltage divider you mentioned previously.
> - Zener protection on regulator output to prevent short 
> failure damaging C64
Not necessary! The 7805 NEVER shorts. It's an incredibly
well-protected and well-protecting IC.

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