Re: ProLogic DOS + Pascal compiler

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2004-01-07 22:05:57

Hallo Ruud,

Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) wrote:
>> for a picture of the
> part that goes into the computer. FYI: I don't know what the function is of
> the userport like edge.

It's an interface for a standard Userport to Centronics printer cable, so you 
can have the Userport free and still use a parallel printer with #4. There 
was an alternative ROM available from the manufacturer that let you attach a 
special cable to this header and the 2nd drive connector to give you an 
IEEE488 connection in addition to the (single) fast Prologic drive. 
Unfortunately I don't have this ROM.

> The 1541 part is made out of two PCBs:
> - one that replaces the 6502 and contains a 6501, an EPROM, 8 KB SRAM and
> some logic
> - one that replaces the 6522 and contains a 6522 and two 14 pins sockets.
> One socket is meant for receiving the flatcable, the other one a second
> drive ??? The last is just a guess, that's why I asked for the manuals.

I can't help with a manual for this version, I only own the newer version 
with only one PCB, an 6821 instead of the 6522 and no pass thru socket (I 
guess that's what it is, too). But normally the second drive is attached to 
the second header on the C64 expansion port PCB, so I also wonder what else 
the extra port in the drive could be?

> For those who are interested: Patryk wants to re-engineer ProLogic using
> Eagle.

I promised info, ROM dumps and maybe more on DD3 and Prologic DOS to him long 
ago, but partly I keep forgetting and the other part it's lack of time that I 
still didn't send him anything :(

I have the manual for Prologic DOS Classic as mentioned above, at least the 
commands should be mostly the same. I only fear that if you ask me to scan 
the manual, it would only add to the list of things I keep forgetting :(


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