Re: PC/Amiga->C64 xfer programs

From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 2002-01-14 02:27:34

Hello Bo,

Sunday, January 13, 2002, 5:28:15 AM, you wrote:

BZ> I'd like to hear about the members favorite schemes for transferring between
BZ> a 128D and either an 060 Amiga, or a 800mhz P3 PC.  The C128D is about 10
BZ> feet away from the other two, and so typically the cables are also long.
BZ> The files I need to transfer tend to the meg-size (being archives
BZ> principally), so schemes that only accept 1541 drives, or are only "loaders"
BZ> won't work for me.

I use(d) simple 8-bit interface At the C= side it needs
only 8-bit port and 2 handshake lines (can be also hardware handshaked
by CIA). PC side needs parallel port lines: 9 outputs , 4 inputs (with handshake
lines ofcourse). 3 TTL chips used for decoupling the handshake lines
from C64 synchronous to PC asynchronous protocol. So no matter what MHz
you have at the both sides. The lines at the interconnecting cable are
unidirectional, so buffering shoulnd'nt be problem (two extra TTL logic).

The transfer speed is around 50Kbyte/s at 1MHz C64.

BZ> Is anyone else in the same boat as I am?  If so, what transfer cable scheme
BZ> do you use?

I wrote simple 1541 disk copier (to PC yet), so program can transfer whole 35
tracks to PC about 23 seconds. Nothing else developed except simple
Load/Save routine.

Marko also wrote a prlink implementation of it.

Best regards,

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