Re: V364 @ eBay

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 2002-01-13 03:31:36

Right... Have got back to the warm and cosy William Gates Building here in
Cambridge after my trip to Amsterdam.

I think I ought to apologise if I offended anyone by my rather sweeping
remarks regarding the practice of collecting old computers. I don't really
intend to alienate them from our little "community", rather they should be
encouraged to join in and learn the skills that make the hobby so
rewarding for us all.

I haven't read my email since this morning, and I think it's probably best
to get a good night's sleep before doing so, but in case you are
interested my "consolation" has been a thoroughly successful trip to
Amsterdam and of course I got straight down to tinkering with the toys I
brought back. Specifically, I finally have a YM2413 OPLL chip (a
derivative of YM3812 OPL2 that you can install in the Sound Expanders) and
will be trying to build an adaptor to connect the MSX cartridge it's in to
a Sega Master System expansion port, for more lovely FM musics. You can
read more about this in the standard Sega 8 bit and MSX channels.


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