RE: PC/Amiga->C64 xfer programs

From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 2002-01-13 21:05:35

64NET? Unhappy on the PC side, who knows?  At one time I was a religeous
64NET user.  That was back when a C= PC10-3 was my server.  The last machine
I've seen it work on was an olde 486.  This leads me to believe that the
computer speed is at fault.  This is why I'm hoping to hear from a 64NET
user of a modern machine... to get some tips, or at least a confirmation
that it still works on faster machines.

I've casually followed the postings here about serial slave, and am very
very very very interested in it.  However, I gathered that it was a
loader/saver system.  If it is capable of transferring extremely large files
in batch, then I am your beta tester!

- Bo

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> BZ> Hi yall. Two things... I cannot turn off the '060. It's the only
> BZ> processor in the machine. And yes, I can and do use 1581 disks to
> BZ> transfer data. However, this is a slow process when you are
> BZ> considering 100+ files of enormous size. What I'd really like is
> BZ> something like 64NET, where I can start a mass file copy and then
> BZ> just go to sleep one night.
> So what's wrong with 64NET? As for Serial Slave, it's progressing a
> little bit slower than I'd like it to, mainly because I didn't get a
> single line written during christmas... The file copier is bidirectio-
> nal these days, but it's still limited to PRG files. The D64 reader/
> writer is also under way, but it won't show up until v0.8, which by
> the look of things is going to take a while...
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