RE: PC/Amiga->C64 xfer programs
Date: 2002-01-14 05:01:53

Hi Bo,

Have you considered 64HDD. If your machine has JiffyDOS, then the C64/C128
side of things will be sped up and you can use the JCOPY utility also.

I've had several people report that they use 64HDD to backup their CMD
drives (so they can burn a PC-CDROM). You could automate the process by a
FOR-NEXT loop....

Your P800 should work with it, you'll need a XE1541 style cable.

- Nick

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Subject: RE: PC/Amiga->C64 xfer programs

Hi yall.   Two things... I cannot turn off the '060.  It's the only
processor in the machine.  And yes, I can and do use 1581 disks to transfer
data.  However, this is a slow process when you are considering 100+ files
of enormous size.  What I'd really like is something like 64NET, where I can
start a mass file copy and then just go to sleep one night.

- Bo

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