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From: Martijn van Buul (
Date: 2001-02-02 08:29:45

Marcello 'R.D.O.' Magnifico wrote:
> > This doesn't mean that HTML file have 100K size. Eg. the 1541 source
> > in HTML eats ca. 339 KByte. BTW, at every end of line two chars
> > $0d,$0a. 8291 lines at all means 8291*2=16582 wasted bytes. And space chars
> > eats much more bytes. Ignore them (compact) and you need less space
> > for storing pages.
> How much complex do you think a browser for the 8-bit C= can be? 

IMHO, the only tags that would *required* to be implemented are <A> (for
the hyperlinks), <br>/<p>, and the forms-lot. Everything beyond that is
pure luxury *cough* :)

> 320x200 image takes 8K if monochrome. Compressing and downsampling takes a
> lot of CPU time and there's the real risk of making everything unreadable.

Well, if the results of Netscape on a monochrome (1-bit) Xterminal are an 
indication, I'd say that it'll be rather useless. 

> I need to see it working first... still thinking that doing that in text
> only is not a bad idea.

I'd recomend beginning with a text-only browser, for it will be a lot
simpeler than a graphical one. If you manage to do a text-browser (which
I doubt), then you could consider upgrading it to a graphical one.

This all said, I had this nice little device sitting on my desk yesterday,
consisting of a 8051 at 24 MHz (Comparable with a 2 MHz 6502 :-D ) and an
Ethernet controller. They managed to put a web *server* in there, which had
even enough free code-space to store objects locally (They used a P89C51RD+,
which has 64K FLASH rom, alongside with 1 K RAM. It's not completely unfeasable
that the Ethernet controller has some on-chip RAM as well, though)

Very nifty. Plug it in a HUB, and your fridge sends you an e-mail if the
beer is cold enough.

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