Re: User Port and AutoRun Addresses

From: Nick Coplin (
Date: 2001-02-02 09:21:19


On Fri, 2 Feb 2001 00:04:53   
 Nate Dannenberg wrote:
>Answering these as they apply to the C128 (and in most places, the C64):
Thanks, seems like the C128 is similar enough to the C64 in these respects

>> Where to I load in order to initiate a vector based autorun function
>> (ie I normally use the CHROUT vector/tape buffer on a C64)?
>I don't quite follow.  Multi-load routines work the same way in a C128 as
I'm thinking auto run, not multi-load.  that is if a file loaded with LOAD"name",8,1 over-writes the CHROUT vector, when READY. goes to get printed a new routine takes over... are these locations the same on a C128?

>> Where are BASIC start /end text pointers?
>Start of Text: $2D
>Start of Variables: $2F
Seem to have moved by about 2 locations from where they are on the C64...

>> What is some simple code to bank I/O in and out of processor space?
>So to reveal all the RAM in Bank 0, just set this register to $3F.  To get
>at all the RAM in Bank 0, but with I/O devices, set it to $3E.  Stock
>configuration would be to set this to $00.
Wow! Now that's the easiest guide to memory banking I've ever been given!


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