Re: C= and internet

From: Marcello 'R.D.O.' Magnifico (
Date: 2001-02-01 21:21:03

> This doesn't mean that HTML file have 100K size. Eg. the 1541 source
> in HTML eats ca. 339 KByte. BTW, at every end of line two chars
> $0d,$0a. 8291 lines at all means 8291*2=16582 wasted bytes. And space chars
> eats much more bytes. Ignore them (compact) and you need less space
> for storing pages.

How much complex do you think a browser for the 8-bit C= can be? Remember,
if you make it too much complex you will need to store ALL data on disk
and reload them at need for display, as while reading a 100K text seq file
on an unexpanded VIC20...

> About images. C64/C128 in graphic mode can display 16 different colors
> (without tricks). Thus no need to cache or store 256 or more color images
> and reload/resample every time. Just store in resized downsampled 16
> colors and voila. 320x200 image takes 8K of RAM. RAM disk or 1541
> disk can fit 21 of such file (without of any compression algorithm). This
> means 21 screens of graphics.

320x200 image takes 8K if monochrome. Compressing and downsampling takes a
lot of CPU time and there's the real risk of making everything unreadable.

> Everything going to have big (and fast enough) storage (like RAMDisk or HDD)
> and stock C64/C128 can do small web browser things (I mean much better
> possibilities than WAP browsers :-).

I need to see it working first... still thinking that doing that in text
only is not a bad idea.


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