Re: C= and internet

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2001-02-02 09:52:19

Hallo Martijn,

> This all said, I had this nice little device sitting on my desk yesterday,
> consisting of a 8051 at 24 MHz (Comparable with a 2 MHz 6502 :-D ) and an
> Ethernet controller. They managed to put a web *server* in there, which
> even enough free code-space to store objects locally (They used a
> which has 64K FLASH rom, alongside with 1 K RAM. It's not completely
> that the Ethernet controller has some on-chip RAM as well, though)
> Very nifty. Plug it in a HUB, and your fridge sends you an e-mail if the
> beer is cold enough.

Its sounds very neat. I forgot that we use a LAN on the HCC-dagen so this
neat device could be very usefull as interface between the net and a C=.
1) in what way is it available; can you buy it (price), build it?
2) what interface is available towards the rest of the world (RS232,

Groetjes, Ruud

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