Re: User Port and AutoRun Addresses
Date: 2001-02-02 08:06:50

On Fri, 2 Feb 2001, Nick Coplin wrote:

> Hello All,
> Lacking a programmer's reference guide for all but the C64, I need some address info about the C128 and C16/Plus4
> C16/Plus4:
> What address is the userport at and the DDR for it?

C16: nonexistent user port
plus 4: I dunno the address, but read below

> What is the pinout of the userport regarding datalines only, is it C64/V20 compatible?

RS232 is operated via a 6551 (aka swiftlink) chip in the plus 4, and the
I/O lines are run from a chip whose code I forget.  It's like a single
port from a via, but contained alone in a 18pin chip (I'd love to get a
box of these if someone listening knows where to find em!).

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