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From: Gene Buckle <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 19:49:11 -0700 (PDT)
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On Mon, 13 Jun 2011, Scott wrote:

> disabled auto run and the error still showed up when I executed the
> LauncherU3.exe file from the main U3 Software drive.
Then don't do that. :)

> Just to be clear, I love the ZoomFloppy! And If I were to have to get rid of
> one or the other the U3 drive would be gone. But, I need both and its really
> inconvenient to be continually unplugging and plugging. I guess I could use
> a different Launcher applications since most of my apps are portable and not
> U3 apps (shortcut Creator 4 U3 Rocks). But I'd rather not.
Just a personal issue, I wouldn't have any of the "U3" crap on my system. 
To _me_ it provides no service I need and as you can see, can cause 
problems with genuinely useful applications.  :)

If you haven't hit you probably should.  And 
find a USB thumb drive that doesn't include that U3 nonsense. :)


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