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> Nate Lawson <> writes:
> > I think the driver for the U3 hardware is behaving improperly. If you
> > uninstall the U3 driver and let the Windows native driver handle the
> > USB flash portion, you shouldn't see any problems.
> An U3 flash drive does not install any special drivers, it's controller
> just partitions the flash space and presents it to the computer as two
> different devices: A CD-ROM with the U3 software so Windows auto-starts
> from it and a standard flash drive for the user data.
> -ik
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When plugged in the SanDisk Cruzer USB Drive Properties shows the following
drivers being used. 

Driver Provider:	Microsoft
Driver Date: 	6/21/2006
Driver Version:	6.1.7600.16385
Digital Signer:	Microsoft Windows

Driver File Details


I'm pretty sure these are Standard Windows drivers. I did uninstall them and
had the U3 Drive reinstall and had the same issue. And just for a hoot I
disabled auto run and the error still showed up when I executed the
LauncherU3.exe file from the main U3 Software drive.

Just to be clear, I love the ZoomFloppy! And If I were to have to get rid of
one or the other the U3 drive would be gone. But, I need both and its really
inconvenient to be continually unplugging and plugging. I guess I could use
a different Launcher applications since most of my apps are portable and not
U3 apps (shortcut Creator 4 U3 Rocks). But I'd rather not. 


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