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> On Mon, 13 Jun 2011, Scott wrote:
> > disabled auto run and the error still showed up when I executed the
> > LauncherU3.exe file from the main U3 Software drive.
> >
> Then don't do that. :)
> > Just to be clear, I love the ZoomFloppy! And If I were to have to get
> rid of
> > one or the other the U3 drive would be gone. But, I need both and its
> really
> > inconvenient to be continually unplugging and plugging. I guess I
> could use
> > a different Launcher applications since most of my apps are portable
> and not
> > U3 apps (shortcut Creator 4 U3 Rocks). But I'd rather not.
> >
> Just a personal issue, I wouldn't have any of the "U3" crap on my
> system.
> To _me_ it provides no service I need and as you can see, can cause
> problems with genuinely useful applications.  :)
> If you haven't hit you probably should.
> And
> find a USB thumb drive that doesn't include that U3 nonsense. :)
> g.
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Thanks a lot for all the help. But I'm not convinced the URL above doesn't
discusses the same issue. My U3 only gets this error when the ZF is plugged
in 1st. I've never experienced this problem with my U3 until I installed the
ZF. None of my other devices cause this issue with U3. 

StartKey is vaporware, Most of the articles on the net are dated 2008.
Though I've looked, I've never seen a beta of this application. 


The LauncherU3 is nothing more than a fancy portable/U3 'Start' Menu for
your flash drive. I also found it useless until I found Shortcut Creator 4
U3 by SmithtechSoftware Prior to this I was
limited to using only U3 applications. With this application you can make
ALL your favorite portable applications (from portable or resided on your U3 Launch pad.

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