Re: PAL and NTSC colors in video-frequency monitors

From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 1998-09-19 23:45:16

> A few guys on #c-64 have monitors that work in colour with both
> their PAL and NTSC machines.

Yeah, and I have a multistandard television.

For what it's worth, stardard video-frequency monitors normally
only handle one color standard (PAL or NTSC), but because they
have RGB inputs, and RGB doesn't use color encoding, people
sprout out things like "my monitor shows both NTSC and PAL
with color", when they're actually just using NTSC and PAL
frame rates (60/50Hz) with RGB connection.

To further complicate things, even if you use composite input
in PAL monitor, and think that you are providing the monitor
a NTSC composite signal, it still might be that you are just
generating a 60Hz composite video signal with PAL color encoding,
which the monitor has no trouble decoding. This is the case
with virtually any computer with an external tv modulator
(with RGB input).

I've heard that some of the "modern" game consoles change the
color encoding too when you change screen modes..

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