Re: Diskdrive loading problem

From: Robin Harbron (
Date: 1998-09-19 23:17:43

Mark wrote:
> On 19-Sep-98, Timo Raita wrote:
> >> I have a 1084S monitor which can display both NTSC and PAL modes.
> >
> > Can anyone confirm this?  Is there really a multistandard version of
> > the 1084?  At least my 1084 only recognizes PAL colors.  Yes, it
> > synchronizes to both 50Hz and 60Hz vsync frequencies, but I have to
> > use a separate video converter to get colors from NTSC machines.
> I think all versions of the 1084 only understand one colour standard, either
> PAL or NTSC.

Although I've never seen one, several people have told me that
some 1084 monitors work with either standard, in full colour.
Nobody has ever told me exactly how you know if it works with
both standards, besides the obvious "try it".

A few guys on #c-64 have monitors that work in colour with both
their PAL and NTSC machines.
Robin Harbron
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