Re: Diskdrive loading problem

From: Mark (
Date: 1998-09-19 23:29:38

On 19-Sep-98, Timo Raita wrote:
>> I have a 1084S monitor which can display both NTSC and PAL modes.
> Can anyone confirm this?  Is there really a multistandard version of
> the 1084?  At least my 1084 only recognizes PAL colors.  Yes, it
> synchronizes to both 50Hz and 60Hz vsync frequencies, but I have to 
> use a separate video converter to get colors from NTSC machines.

I think all versions of the 1084 only understand one colour standard, either

All 1084s are compatible with 50Hz and 60Hz signals. I guess the confusion
arises because users connect Amigas to a 1084 via an RGB cable, and see the
Amiga picture in both "NTSC mode" and "PAL mode".

I would like to find out exactly what components differ between NTSC and PAL
models of the 1084. Then I could convert my PAL 1084 to show NTSC composite
video in colour. Does anyone have this information? Or a 1084 service manual
(either the original 1084 or 1084S)?

Failing this, an NTSC-to-RGB video decoder shouldn't be too hard to make. Has
anyone done this?

-- Mark

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