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I recently got a message about PET tapes. Probably someone knows
how to convert them to .TAP files (or read them into the PC without
a PET). He also has some old docs about the PET.

(This mail is also sent to him as cc:)

Hope you can help

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> Hi.  I owned an original 8k PET 2001 in 1978 which I eventually
> upgraded to 32k and, unfortunately, ultimately gave away.  However I
> do still have all of the original documentation, numerous newsletters,
> part of a service manual and lots of software on cassette.  Do you
> know of any program or source code that I could use to convert
> digitized tape images to a form that could be read by VICE?  I'd be
> happy to contribute the software to your archive if we can get it into
> a usable form.  Thanks.
> -Greg
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Here's the answer to my reply. Probably you can tell him what you need
most or how he can convert the tapes.

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>Cool! That's a big treasure nowadays :-)
>Would you mind check what you have with the archive at 
>to see what is not yet there, and send a copy to me (paper, I can
>scan it) or scanned to this archive? That would really be great!

I've got quite a bit of material.  I took a look at your archive but
didn't see any of it there.  Here's a quick list of what I've got:

        - Commodore Pet Users Club Newsletter (Volume I #1 & #2)
        - Pet User Notes (from the PET User Group) Volume I #2 - #7
        - what looks to be excerpts from a PET service manual or
          technical description including schematics, parts list,
          hardware & software descriptions, memory map, disassembly
          of the PET Resident Monitor (with comments!)
        - articles from various magazines and other newsletters
        - various advertisments and Commodore literature
        - Original PET manuals
                - An Introduction To Your New PET
                - PET Communication With The Outside World
                - Squiggle and Big Time / Machine Language Monitor
		- Word Processing 1
        - Third party sofware documentation:
                - Microchess 2.0
                - The BASIC Programmers Toolkit
                - Hayden Backgammon
		- Bridge Challenger
	- About 30 tapes, most with multiple programs

I'll look into scanning what I can in.

I also dug up my original reciept for the PET.  I bought it on August 1, 1978
for $846.68.  It was serial number 0029682.  Maybe someone out there has
it :-).

>I know that there are efforts to read tapes from a normal tape recorder
>into the soundblaster to convert it to ".tap" files. Those files
>will eventually be read by VICE (although it cannot at the moment)
>and I am sure there is a converter from ".tap" to normal binary

That's exactly what I need.  I was going to write one myself but I figured
someone must have done it already.

>If you don't mind I'll forward this mail to the cbm-hackers mailing
>list where most of the technically interested CBM people are on?
>(Please tell me if you mind or not :-)
>I am sure they can point to this stuff.

Please do forward it along.



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