Re: PAL and NTSC colors in video-frequency monitors

From: Carlsson, Anders (
Date: 1998-09-21 11:58:20

To continue with this 1084-thread, I have one of those 1084S at home, which
I use with my Amiga(s). It has been repaired once, and before that, it worked
in composite/separate video with both my C64 and VIC-20. Notice all my
machines are PAL, so there is no PAL/NTSC conflict.

However, after the monitor was repaired, the composite/separate signal does
not sync vertically on very bright colours, likely in the white/yellow/green
range. In particular if the border colour is bright, the screen "rolls".
Obviously there is no knob on the outside to adjust for this, and since the
monitor works well in RGB mode, is there anything I could adjust inside the
1084 that only affects the decoding/viewing of composite signal?

I also own a 1802 monitor (which has green monochrome, composite and separate
signals to choose from). It is virtually dead, as it bounces the screen and
all of a sudden compresses the picture to about twenty scan lines. If I hit
it hard on the top of the tube with my fist, it will work for another few
minutes. I haven't had this beast for repairing, since nobody would bother
or it would not be worth the money to hand it to a professional. Anybody has
suggestions what might be worth looking at?

/Anders Carlsson
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