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Date: 2004-06-18 16:31:49

>>>>> "Ruud" == Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) <> writes:

Rainer> Or will this ASIC indeed have a cycle-exact emulation of an
Rainer> NMOS(!) 6502 and the VIC?

Ruud> Yep. Let's say it in this way: if it runs on the C-1, it will
Ruud> run on the C64-joystick as well.

But the C1 accomplishes this through reconfigurability. The 1 MHz core
is tuned for maximum compatibility, while the 20 MHz core is tuned for
maximum features.

Ruud> Hmmm, completely forgot about the last. Or better, I didn't
Ruud> realise its possible legal consequences. But on the other hand:
Ruud> Philips delivers a schematic with their televisions. But I don't
Ruud> think that that schematic gives you the right to build your own
Ruud> television and sell it.

Right - and we're not building C64 clones.

Rainer> - the chips were reverse engineered by external people

Ruud> I think youy refer to the new C64? I'm quite sure the person
Ruud> involved only used its own work.

Actually no - the VIC article by Christian Bauer and the research done
by the ReSID people has been a tremendous help, as well as a lot of
input from the hacking community. Not to mention the schematics
archive on Funet, and all the other technical documentation.

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