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From: Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) (
Date: 2004-06-18 16:13:28

Hallo Rainer,

> So this thing will be incompatible to a fair amount of software,
> especially newer games and demos, I guess?

No. I'm very very positive about that, knowing the person who designed the

> Or will this ASIC indeed have a cycle-exact emulation of an 
> NMOS(!) 6502 and the VIC?

Yep. Let's say it in this way: if it runs on the C-1, it will run on the
C64-joystick as well.

> This is utter bullshit. (Not targeted against you, Ruud, of course!)

I understand that  :)

> The form factors (as otherwise pointed out) were industry standard
> ...
> original owner and reprinted in thousands of print publications and
> online.

Hmmm, completely forgot about the last. Or better, I didn't realise its
possible legal consequences. But on the other hand: Philips delivers a
schematic with their televisions. But I don't think that that schematic
gives you the right to build your own television and sell it.

But again: Commodore/Tulip wants to do it "right", just as Anders said. But
on the other hand they want to make money with something they own. That
clashes and the ultimate goal is to do it in such a way that we as well as
Commodore are happy with the whole situation.

> someone else comes and says "all your code are belong to us"
> because they own the rights,

No, that's where you go wrong. The only things they claim are the things
that were already owned by the original Commodore. Certainly not software,
code or whatever made by other people. Otherwise they also could claim
rights about ALL games as Gpz already was complaining about.

> - the chips were reverse engineered by external people

I think youy refer to the new C64? I'm quite sure the person involved only
used its own work. 

> - the (freely published!) emulators were good enough

I haven't heard anything like "people are not allowed to write and publish
emulators anymore". Au contraire, they realise as no other the value of the
emulators being around because it enabled people to play their beloved C64
(and other machines) again after so many years and thus keeping the memory
alive. What they hope is that these people will buy the new C64 again
because it is cheap, small and simple to use.

> - a proof of concept was done that in fact the C64 can be emulated in
>   hardware and a significant amount of people are even willing to pay
>   substantial money for a retro machine (thinking of the C=1 here)

True, the Wright-brothers prooved the men can fly in machines. But I never
heard anyone complaining about Boeing actually building them on the end. 

>   substantial money 

The C=1 must cost 269 Euro, the new C64 will cost around 39 Euro. (If I'm
far wrong, you may beat me up later)

To make things sure: the only things people/sites have to worry about are
games and software owned by Commodore, Irvingstone or other firms contracted
by these two parties. And that certainly are not all the games in the world.

Remark: I have spooken with these people, not for just a few minutes, but
for hours. They appeared truthfully regarding the statements towards the old
community. Or they were great actors. I only can say, time will tell. 

Another remark: if things turn out bad, I have FUNET, 64'er, HighVoltage,
Arnold, Fairlight etc. on DVD and I'm willing to share with anyone who asks
for it :) I'm nice, but not crazy.

Have a nice weekend.

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  / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
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