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From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2004-06-28 23:20:37

MagerValp wrote:

>But the C1 accomplishes this through reconfigurability. The 1 MHz core
>is tuned for maximum compatibility, while the 20 MHz core is tuned for
>maximum features.
The 27MHz number is misleading.  The Joystick will run at 1MHz (adjusted 
for PAL or NTSC depending on where sold).  The games would need it to.  
27MHz is a maximum the HW could be clocked.

>Actually no - the VIC article by Christian Bauer and the research done
>by the ReSID people has been a tremendous help, as well as a lot of
>input from the hacking community. Not to mention the schematics
>archive on Funet, and all the other technical documentation.
Yes, and I believe the opcode mappings done by Marko and others over the 
years was a large help in developing the joystick.


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