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From: Rainer Buchty (
Date: 2004-06-18 16:56:07

> Yep. Let's say it in this way: if it runs on the C-1, it will run on the
> C64-joystick as well.


> Hmmm, completely forgot about the last. Or better, I didn't realise its
> possible legal consequences. But on the other hand: Philips delivers a
> schematic with their televisions. But I don't think that that schematic
> gives you the right to build your own television and sell it.

Yes, but nobody is going to build a C64 from its schematics. The proper
example would be that Philips would keep people from selling
"peripherals", i.e. charging royalties for the use of the SCART or S Video

> > - the chips were reverse engineered by external people
> I think youy refer to the new C64? I'm quite sure the person involved only
> used its own work.

Well, I'm quite sure that this person involved also relied on external
sources such as "what's the difference between 6502 and 65C02" and
especially the VIC-II article.

> I haven't heard anything like "people are not allowed to write and publish
> emulators anymore". Au contraire, they realise as no other the value of the
> emulators being around because it enabled people to play their beloved C64
> (and other machines) again after so many years and thus keeping the memory
> alive. What they hope is that these people will buy the new C64 again
> because it is cheap, small and simple to use.

Yep, but they might want to enter the emulator market and sending out
cease and desist letters to anyone hosting the ROMs.

> True, the Wright-brothers prooved the men can fly in machines. But I
> never heard anyone complaining about Boeing actually building them on
> the end.

Ah, but the Wright brothers didn't quit the market, sold their rights to
someone else and that someone came back to Boeing telling that there are
some legal issues with Boeing manufacturing airplanes.

> The C=1 must cost 269 Euro, the new C64 will cost around 39 Euro. (If I'm
> far wrong, you may beat me up later)

So it's even more in their favor :)

> Remark: I have spooken with these people, not for just a few minutes, but
> for hours. They appeared truthfully regarding the statements towards the old
> community. Or they were great actors. I only can say, time will tell.

Ah, well. There was a time when SCO owned the Unix rights and didn't care.
Then "something" changed, they dropped their own Linux distribution and
went berzerk...


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