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From: ken ross (
Date: 2004-06-18 15:56:37

C64 in a joystick ? ~ without a keyboard   it's a games machine .

if there isn't any means of plugging C64 serial stuff into it directly it's
an 'me-too' games machine.

has anyone actually seen one of these things yet ? .

sometime ago  i made remarks about lawyers  leaning on people to encourage
the rest ~ now  they produce this utter BS  saying about we own the ports
etc !.

>Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud)"

>Another point is the makers of hardware like Maurice Randall but also people
>like Markus Brenner and the Czechs who produce the IDE64. Particulary those
>who produce hardware that is to be connected to the userport or
>expansionport. I didn't realise it but these ports are intellectual
>properties of Commodore as well. So actually anyone building hardware for
>these ports has to pay C= a fee as well.

WHAT TWADDLE !!!  ~  this sounds like the lawyers trying to squeeze blood
out of a stone .
on the back of my mac there's a couple of mini 8 pin din sockets  ~ the mac
serial ports .
as far as i was aware Apple were quite happy to let people develop stuff to
plug into them without sending the boys round .
a lawyer would quite happily kill the goose that laid the golden egg .

>Regarding Maurice, he bought the stuff from CMD and Tulip/Commodore doesn't
>know what agreement CMD had with the original C=.

CMD / C=  ?   ~ something on the lines of a  seance  perhaps!.
as C= was effectivly dead for most of CMD's life .


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