Re: Luna lander WAS: Hej allihopa!

From: Rhialto (
Date: 2003-02-01 23:04:35

On Thu 30 Jan 2003 at 20:16:53 +0100, Jürgen Sievers wrote:
> > I think that game is much older than even the PET.
> Maybe you are  right.
> I got it first time at 1980 for a CBM 2001 on a tape.
> It was written for the CBM block graphics.
> May be it was ported from a other system, but I 
> didn't know a system which has such graphics 
> character set except CBM. So it may be a text 
> oriented game before.

I remember it as a mostly-text program. I played it quite a lot (until I
got it perfect, then it was boring. I looked in my archives and I have a
hardcopy of a Dutch translation right next to me. Looks like this one
had some sound effects too.

> j.
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