C128 Swedish kernal + JiffyDOS

From: Niklas Ramsberg (niklas.ramsberg_at_swipnet.se)
Date: 2003-02-01 22:46:19

Hej allihopa!

OK, let's see if any of you wizards out there can explain this to me. I
bought JiffyDOS for my C128 a year ago. It's great. The only problem is
(as has been said before on this list) that the Swedish/Finnish
characters won't work with it.

I never thought of that as a serious problem but when I built myself an
EPROM-burner I thought I might replace the standard C128 and C64 parts
of the JiffyDOS EPROMs with the Swedish/Finnish versions. That way I
would be able to get at the Swedish/Finnish characters by turning off
JiffyDOS. At the same time I decided to modify my C128 after Nicolas
Welte's instructions so it would take 32K ROMS instead of 16K ones. Said
and done. Now all the kernals reside in one 27C512 EPROM; JiffyDOS in
one half, the standard Swedish/Finnish kernal in the other.

Now the strangest thing happened. If I press the ASCII/CC key while
using the standard kernal, I get Swedish/Finnish characters, just as
expected. But if I start the computer with the ASCII/CC key pressed down
and JiffyDOS switched in, I still get the Swedish/Finnish character set,
even in C64 mode. How can this be?

/Niklas Ramsberg

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