Re: C128 Swedish kernal + JiffyDOS

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Date: 2003-02-01 23:45:49

Hi Niklas,

Niklas Ramsberg wrote:
> Now the strangest thing happened. If I press the ASCII/CC key while
> using the standard kernal, I get Swedish/Finnish characters, just as
> expected. But if I start the computer with the ASCII/CC key pressed down
> and JiffyDOS switched in, I still get the Swedish/Finnish character set,
> even in C64 mode. How can this be?

This is because the characters are not switched in software, but in hardware. 
The char ROM is directly connected to the ASC/CC key. Real US machines don't 
have this connection, they have a different character ROM that has a slightly 
different character set for C128 mode than for C64 mode. The char ROM is 
therefore connected to the 64mode line instead of the ASC/CC key.


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