RE: Luna lander WAS: Hej allihopa!

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Date: 2003-02-02 20:56:30

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> > > I think that game is much older than even the PET.

By the way,

it must be really a long time ago, I was round about ten years old, as I saw
firsttime a computer on TV which was playing a game against a human.
The playground was a board covered with rows and column of holes. Both
player had to build a bridge. They alternately must put bridge piers into
two diagonals holes and connect them with a lane. One player from the top to
the bottom and the other from the right to the left side. The computer, a
big think, had had a robot arm to move his pieces. The winner was the player
whose bridge was finished first. I don't remember which kind of computer it
was, but it has fascinated me.

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