Re: [comp.sys.cbm] New commodore hard drive controller

From: Maciej Witkowiak (
Date: 2002-08-22 15:05:05 dnia 21 sie 2002 o 13:55 +0200 napisa³:
> Now someone has to write an OS for it. And that will cost time.... 

I just have to remind that for GEOS anyone can use my CIAIDE[1] code and tune it
to his own wiring scheme. I dropped the idea of supporting it under
Basic/Kernal because it means writing whole new DOS and it would take too much
memory. Only additional ROM and patched Kernal would be an option.

> The only way one can address such a drive is using the Kernal. So any
> program addressing a IEC-drive using its own routines never will see the HD.
> I cannot afford to spend time to such an incompatible device :(
> Idea: hack the one of IDE64 :)

Hacking IDE64 rom is easy, but one would have to reproduce IDE64 cartridge
system. It is quite smart - when in Basic mode IDE64 is seen only in $de00-ff
area and some Kernal vectors in $03xx are changed. When needed, during disk
I/O parts of ROM or RAM from IDE64 may be turned on in upper memory area. At
least some parts of this setup have to be remade.

As for compatibility I think the right way is to have a separate device on IEC
bus. Be it something new or hacked 1541.



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