Re: [comp.sys.cbm] New commodore hard drive controller

From: Asbjørn Djupdal (
Date: 2002-08-21 18:00:39


I'm the one that made this. 

> Did everyone notice this?  The board looks a bit big, with no
> surface-mounted components, and I think the ATmega103 would provide an
> almost single-chip solution, even with a built-in real-time clock.

I should perhaps have gone for a bigger AVR, because of the flash mem
limitation in the 8515. 

I don't know the mega103 very well, but the 4k internal SRAM should be
enough, making the external SRAM chip and 8-bit latch unnecessary. But
my current software would have to be rewritten a bit: since I had 32k
of SRAM, I didn't bother writing something SRAM efficient. But the
change should be quite easy. 

But I can't see how to get rid of the 7406 chip. 

Btw, this is my first hardware design. 


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