RE: [comp.sys.cbm] New commodore hard drive controller

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2002-08-21 14:36:57

>>>>> "rb" == ruud baltissen <> writes:

rb> It works :) 

Heh, cool :)

rb> Please see Missing
rb> is the ML-file that also describes the connections. The ML-program
rb> enabled me to stop and start the motor of the HD on command.

Could I have a copy of this?

rb> Now someone has to write an OS for it. And that will cost time....

Of course -- I'm mostly just doing this to see if it works. Poke it
with a stick and see if it moves kinda thing. Maybe someone will find
it useful and write a GEOS or WiNGS driver for it -- in fact Maciej's
ciaide GEOS driver would only need a couple of low level routines

rb> The only way one can address such a drive is using the Kernal. So
rb> any program addressing a IEC-drive using its own routines never
rb> will see the HD.

Of course, but those applications won't work with anything but a real
1541 (or possibly a 1571) anyway.

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