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From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2002-08-09 01:37:56

> The most reliable way of autobooting is probably burning it to ROM,
> and either replacing the basic rom or putting it in an external
> cartridge. The Programmer's Reference Guide has all the details you
> need for that. If you don't want to burn ROMs, you could use a C128
> instead and use its autoboot capability. I believe there are programs
> available that autoboots a C64 program from C128 mode.

I've written such a program. The basic idea is to load data that looks like
a cartridge into bank 0, $8000, and reset to 64 mode. The 64 mode Kernal
POLL sees the "cartridge" and runs the code within, which sets the disk
drive to 1541 mode (ignored with an error if the drive already is a 1541),
and then LOADs and RUNs the dependent program.
Alternatively, the original poster might convert the program to run natively
on the 128. After all, you have the bonuses of 2MHz mode and 80 columns.

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