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From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2002-08-09 00:29:55

Hiya Bart,

Stock C-64's have no autobooting facility except with a cartridge
plugged into the expansion port. You are correct in that writing the
program to EPROM would allow it to autoboot. For this to work you must
incorporate the EPROM a cartridge which contains the special "CBM-80"
code and program vectors at $8000. See the Commodore 64 Programmers
Reference Guide for details.

 Stock C-128 computers do have a built in autoboot facility when booted
in C-128 mode. Some C-64 cartridge devices which allow autobooting a
program from disk come to mind.

A CMD RAMLink will allow you to autoboot from any disk device on
power-up/reset. The great thing about RAMLink is that you can load the
desired program onto it's RAM-disk and boot it almost instantly.
Because RAMLink is externally powered, your program will still autoboot
no matter how long the computer has been powered off.

SuperSnapshot includes a disk autoboot feature which works with 1541/71
drives (and I think 1581 as well.) A utility program is included to
write a special boot block to the disk you want to autoboot. Every time
the computer is powered-on or reset, SuperSnapshot checks the drive
(device #8 only) for the special boot block. The boot block contains
instructions for running the program.

I've read about other cartridges which provide autoboot facility to
C-64 but I've only used the ones mentioned above. Good luck to you

Bart Machiels <> wrote:

> Now I want to make the commodore to boot automaticaly and run the
> program. 
> How do I do this ? Do I have to save the program to e-prom and how do
> I connect it, so the c64 can boot with this program ? 
> Are there other ways to boot, without first loading my program ?


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