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From: MagerValp (
Date: 2002-08-08 19:12:04

>>>>> "BM" == Bart Machiels <> writes:

BM> I have wrote a program voor the commodore 64, and I use it to
BM> control a metal bending machine, so far so good.

BM> Now I want to make the commodore to boot automaticaly and run the
BM> program.

BM> How do I do this ? Do I have to save the program to e-prom and how
BM> do I connect it, so the c64 can boot with this program ?

BM> Are there other ways to boot, without first loading my program ? 

The most reliable way of autobooting is probably burning it to ROM,
and either replacing the basic rom or putting it in an external
cartridge. The Programmer's Reference Guide has all the details you
need for that. If you don't want to burn ROMs, you could use a C128
instead and use its autoboot capability. I believe there are programs
available that autoboots a C64 program from C128 mode.

I also think some CMD devices autoboot, like the RamLink, but I don't
own one myself so someone else can probably answer that better.

The quick and dirty solution is to get a BN/E motherboard C64, and
replace the 23128 kernal + basic ROM with a 27128 EPROM. No adapter or
any other hardware is required.

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