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Date: 2002-08-09 07:04:44

Hello MagerValp,

Thursday, August 08, 2002, 7:12:04 PM, you wrote:

>>>>>> "BM" == Bart Machiels <> writes:

BM>> I have wrote a program voor the commodore 64, and I use it to
BM>> control a metal bending machine, so far so good.

BM>> Now I want to make the commodore to boot automaticaly and run the
BM>> program.

BM>> How do I do this ? Do I have to save the program to e-prom and how
BM>> do I connect it, so the c64 can boot with this program ?

BM>> Are there other ways to boot, without first loading my program ? 

M> The most reliable way of autobooting is probably burning it to ROM,
M> and either replacing the basic rom or putting it in an external
M> cartridge. The Programmer's Reference Guide has all the details you
M> need for that. If you don't want to burn ROMs, you could use a C128
M> instead and use its autoboot capability. I believe there are programs
M> available that autoboots a C64 program from C128 mode.

M> I also think some CMD devices autoboot, like the RamLink, but I don't
M> own one myself so someone else can probably answer that better.

M> The quick and dirty solution is to get a BN/E motherboard C64, and
M> replace the 23128 kernal + basic ROM with a 27128 EPROM. No adapter or
M> any other hardware is required.

quick and not even dirty way:

- use a c128 :=P

quick and kindof expensive way:

- get a retroreplay and flash program to that

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