Re: B500??

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2002-07-07 17:32:36

Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> BASIC ROMs at least on the 600/700. The ROMs present are "CBM2 LP" 906114-04,
> which seems to be a PLA, and 901237-01, which appears to be the char ROM.
> Ring any bells for anyone? Any spares of these ROMs floating about?

Jens Schönfeld announced that he's going to produce PLA replacements, and I'm
sending him my 906114-04 (CBM2 LP) and 906114-05 (CBM2 HP) PLAs next week to
get them read out. My 906114-04 is an original 82S100, BTW.

> Also, if anyone is getting rid of, or has a spare one of, a 500/600/700 LP
> power supply and/or keyboard, please let me know off list.

Here in Germany we have CBM2 LP spare keyboards in abundance. I'm not sure if
I have an extra one, I might have it installed in my empty 500 case (the one
with the joystick ports). Now waiting for a mainboard and power supply as well


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