Re: B500??

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2002-07-07 20:34:13

My B128 (was from someone who got it from PRotecto when they were
liquidating them in the 80s) has a 5-pin video DIN (anyone know the
pinout?), but my P500 has an 8-pin one (like the 64)....  :-/

Cameron Kaiser wrote:

> Larry, since you asked about solder pads for the joystick port, I didn't
> see anything obvious rear left. It is completely dissimilar to the layout
> of the P500 Steve Gray has. Looking at his picture of the B500 and P500
> side by side, this is clearly a B-series board. It would seem logical to
> assume this is a 600, but the 5-pin video port is a 500 feature.
> However, I do have a connector "P1" where the joyports should be. Does this
> connect up to your joyports on the P500? On this board, it's top left.

That *might* just be,I have a lousy Quickcam pic of my MB here and it
looks like it comes from a connector like the keyboard uses (single or
double row header) to the two joy ports. 

Comparing the two images (mine and that side-by-side one) the image the
of the 2 B-Series computers the one on the right *looks* exactly like my
P500 MB.  It could possibly be retrofitted into a P500 with a little effort.

I'll try to dig out the P500  and snapshot it today.


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