From: Cameron Kaiser (spectre_at_stockholm.ptloma.edu)
Date: 2002-07-06 18:48:17

I've got a motherboard here from a German ex-pat :-) that looks like a B500
series unit. It has LP ROMs and the 5-pin video port. The assembly number is
8256048 and it seems to be dated 1983.

The board appears in good condition and the 6509 is present (whew), but
three chips are missing and so is the SID (I believe from position U10).
William Levak's list on FUnet says these chips (at U59/U60/U61) are the
BASIC ROMs at least on the 600/700. The ROMs present are "CBM2 LP" 906114-04,
which seems to be a PLA, and 901237-01, which appears to be the char ROM.
Ring any bells for anyone? Any spares of these ROMs floating about?

Also, if anyone is getting rid of, or has a spare one of, a 500/600/700 LP
power supply and/or keyboard, please let me know off list.

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