Re: B500??

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2002-07-07 18:40:09

> >
> The one on the right looks a bit like my P500 MB (ROMS in the front)  I
> will have to get it out of storage to make better comparisoin.  Look in
> the rear left corner (under the PSU cage) to see if there are joystick
> solder pads.

Ha ha, open hypodermic, inject caffeine. Relative to the orientation of
the units in this picture, under where the PSU cage would go if I had one,
is where that P1 connector lies and that is in the position of where the
joyports would be wired (so I guess that is rear left :-). However, the
picture of the 610 mainboard Ullrich sent in to SWoC has this connector also.

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