Swedish CBM 3032 (was: Re: PET 3032 FS in sweden)

From: Peter Karlsson (peter_at_softwolves.pp.se)
Date: 2002-02-04 23:26:08

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, MagerValp wrote:

> The PET ROMs are mapped like this:

Okidoki. So I should dump C000-E7FF and F000-FFFF, then? I looked inside,
and none of the expansion sockets seem to be in use. Also, it is a BASIC 2
machine (at least it does not respond to "DLOAD"). It does indeed have a
Swedish character set, and Swedish keys (in the middle of the top row,
apparently they just switched the sterling and bracket keys).

Anyway, I lack a IEEE-488 cable. I used to have one, and a 8050, but since I
never could find a way to connect it, it went out with the trash last autumn
:-( Isn't it typical? I do have a spare tape drive here (got one with the
VIC-20 I was here to pick up), so I'll try to dump to that and read it back
with my 128 at home. That hopefully works.

Anyone want a couple of 8050 PET disks, to dump the software, BTW? I still
have those. Preferrably EU/Europe.

How do I get to the character set ROM? Can I copy it into RAM somewhere
using the built-in monitor?

BTW, how do I switch to lowercase letters, or is there no such thing on the

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