Re: Swedish CBM 3032 (was: Re: PET 3032 FS in sweden)

From: Rhialto (
Date: 2002-02-05 00:15:16

On Mon 04 Feb 2002 at 23:26:08 +0100, Peter Karlsson wrote:
> How do I get to the character set ROM? Can I copy it into RAM somewhere
> using the built-in monitor?

Nope. It is not addressable by the CPU. You will need to lift the ROM
and use a reader to get at it. If it is socketed...

> BTW, how do I switch to lowercase letters, or is there no such thing on the
> 3032?

poke 59468,14 for lower case
          ,12 for upper case

I typed that from memory and then checked it - it was correct...
the things you remember...

You mentioned basic 2... since there historically was confusion about
calling it basic 2 or 3, does it start with ### COMMODORE BASIC ### or
*** COMMODORE BASIC *** ? The first is "new roms", the latter "old
roms". Those are rarer, because almost everybody upgraded.

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