Re: PET 3032 FS in sweden

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2002-02-04 18:14:25

>>>>> "pk" == peter karlsson <> writes:

pk> I'll check whether I can dump the ROMs or not. I won't bring it
pk> back to Oslo this time, is there a quick thing I can do to quickly
pk> dump it to a disk? (Simple PEEK thing?)

The PET ROMs are mapped like this:

$9000-$9FFF This is an expansion ROM area. Some programs need a kind
  of dongle-ROM for copy protection in this socket. This was annoying
  when different programs needed different ROMs in the same socket...

$A000-$AFFF This is an expansion ROM area. See above ($9000)

$B000-$BFFF For the original ROMs and the upgrade ROMs that start at
  $C000, this is an expansion ROM area. See above ($9000). For the 4.0
  ROMs, this is the first part.

$C000-$DFFF BASIC ROMs (two with 4k each)

$E000-$E7FF Editor ROM (in 4.0 ROMs, normal system ROM area otherwise)

$E800-$EFFF I/O area (PETs without CRTC), see below. For PETs with
  CRTC (Fat-40 and 8032) the I/O area is 256 byte ($E800-$E8FF) and
  the rest is either open address or the $E*** ROM iff it is 4k.

$F000-$FFFF Kernel ROM

(courtesy of André's PET index).

You can dump everything except the character ROM with just peek.
Actually, you should be able to start it from the built in monitor.
Anyone know the commands?

pk> I can read a 3040 disk in a 1541 drive, right?


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