Re: PET 3032 FS in sweden
Date: 2002-02-04 22:36:12

To get into the monitor:
SYS 1024 (or any other zero byte)

Then from the . prompt:

S "filename",08,C000,DFFF

Use X to exit the monitor.

This will save the BASIC ROMs to device 8.  (I understand the tape
routines cannot handle high memory - or is that just with the VIC-20?)


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Subject: Re: PET 3032 FS in sweden
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 18:14:25 +0100

>>>>>> "pk" == peter karlsson <> writes:
>pk> I'll check whether I can dump the ROMs or not. I won't bring it
>pk> back to Oslo this time, is there a quick thing I can do to 
>pk> dump it to a disk? (Simple PEEK thing?)
>The PET ROMs are mapped like this:
>$9000-$9FFF This is an expansion ROM area. Some programs need a kind
>  of dongle-ROM for copy protection in this socket. This was annoying
>  when different programs needed different ROMs in the same socket...
>$A000-$AFFF This is an expansion ROM area. See above ($9000)
>$B000-$BFFF For the original ROMs and the upgrade ROMs that start at
>  $C000, this is an expansion ROM area. See above ($9000). For the 
>  ROMs, this is the first part.
>$C000-$DFFF BASIC ROMs (two with 4k each)
>$E000-$E7FF Editor ROM (in 4.0 ROMs, normal system ROM area 
>$E800-$EFFF I/O area (PETs without CRTC), see below. For PETs with
>  CRTC (Fat-40 and 8032) the I/O area is 256 byte ($E800-$E8FF) and
>  the rest is either open address or the $E*** ROM iff it is 4k.
>$F000-$FFFF Kernel ROM
>(courtesy of André's PET index).
>You can dump everything except the character ROM with just peek.
>Actually, you should be able to start it from the built in monitor.
>Anyone know the commands?

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