Re: MPS 803: question about ROM

From: Hársfalvi Levente (
Date: 2002-01-31 13:26:48

Hi All!,

Nicolas Welte wrote:

> It was just a direct descendant of the older PET printers, it's command set
> and the idea of a single user definable character per line dates back to at
> least the 3023 I have, probably the 2022 also fits into this scheme. ...

BTW, if we're at this subject, I'd suspect the '801 to be a descendant
of some Japanese third-party manufacturer's printer (Seikosha if I'm

I have a Seikosha printer wreck somewhere that looks exactly like the
'801 and was (before hacked by some smart*ss) equipped with different
data connectors whose shape remind me to the Atari serial port.

Another interesting feature is that its head has just _one_ 'pin' and
one magnetic coil. In fact this 'pin' is rather a slightly biased
vertical 'bar'. You wonder how it was possible to put pixels onto the
paper with this beast. There's a fluted shaft behind the paper that
rotates with the head's horizontal movement. Pixel is put where the bar
and the shaft 'meets' :-), everything is just a question of 'timing'.
Wonder why then it wasn't possible to print 'bidirectionally' :-/.

The major difference between the '801 and the '803 is this latter's real
(8-pin) matrix-printer head :-).

(I have a couple of '801s that I don't need -- If someone needs one I'd
'trade' them for some other stuff. I also have some refilled ribbon
cartridges for them).

Best regards,


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