Re: MPS 803: question about ROM

From: Rainer Buchty (
Date: 2002-01-31 15:02:49

> Another interesting feature is that its head has just _one_ 'pin' and
> one magnetic coil. In fact this 'pin' is rather a slightly biased
> vertical 'bar'. You wonder how it was possible to put pixels onto the
> paper with this beast. There's a fluted shaft behind the paper that
> rotates with the head's horizontal movement. Pixel is put where the bar
> and the shaft 'meets' :-), everything is just a question of 'timing'.
> Wonder why then it wasn't possible to print 'bidirectionally' :-/.

I guess that's a mechanical problem with the head moving mechanism.

Haven't printed with my two 801s for ages, but if IIRC, the mechanism was
just plain simple and pulled the head from left to right. If the "puller"
was released, a spring-like mechanism just pulled it back to zero



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